We work in Team, for the Team!!

Welcome to ‘Click KGP’ – a self-sustained photography group, run by the students of IIT Kharagpur for the students of the Institution and nearby area. There are other student bodies run by the institution under the roof of Technology Gymkhana, however ours is NOT. We are photography enthusiasts who believe in learning photography by everyday handling of camera, which is backed by covering the different events ongoing in the campus.

Why US?

As a team, Click KGP offers a platform for the students to study photography through various group discussions, workshops and photo-walks (non-global for now). Besides photography, our team is divided into sub-teams looking after web-designing and content writing. Managing and dividing the loads among the team members and penalising for not meeting the team requirements follows the footprints of a company profile hence making us enable for our future professional life.
Hence Click KGP aims primarily focuses on learning photography as a passion, also subtly preparing each team members for future prospects. And here exactly lies the advantage in joining Click KGP. It gives you a family, a peer group where you could nurture your photography skills as an amateur photographer, web-designer and blogger in the same platter.


Since we are not under the Technology Gymkhana, we make our own path when it comes to the funding. Till now, we have receive sponsorships from ‘Kaizing’. Our funding is also supported by the various remunerations received from the coverage of various events occurring in the campus.


So far we have conducted various workshops successfully by bringing mentors from ‘Canon’ and ‘Camarena Academy’, along with the expertise from our team itself.


Frequent photo-walks are conducted amongst the team members within the campus itself. However, out-of campus photo tours were organized too, to locations like Bhasra Ghat, Bishnupur and Kolkata.

Induction Programme

New members are instated into the team in late July or early August; keeping in with the flow of the start of the new academics with the first years also swooping in the campus. The induction procedure consists of a few process follow-ups namely sending in five of the best shots taken by the aspirants followed by a face to face interview (which is mostly a discussion with the senior members) by the members of the team. An applying aspirant need not have a DSLR or a camera to be a member, a phone would do; provided he/she has the team spirit and the passion to see the beauty of the world from a different perspective.


Members completing their stay in the campus, i.e. after completing their course tenure or serving the team with fruitful upshots are bid farewell with loving souvenirs to remind him of the team.


“Anyone can click”, so long he/she has he eye to do so. We welcome all, be it anyone pursuing B.Techs, M.Techs, PhDs or non-academician.

IIT Kharagpur,
West Bengal, 721302